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Cementerio Británico Montevideo

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Cementerio Británico Montevideo

Garden Cemetery

We honour legacy and remembrance, and welcome different faiths and nationalities.

The Cemetery Today

The British Cemetery, located in the heart of the city, is the only private cemetery in Montevideo .

Of British origin, we have welcomed since our beginnings, a vast diversity of faiths, religions, and nationalities. Here rest, over 8,500 people from nearly 50 countries, some of which do not exist today, including many relevant men and women from the social and cultural life of 190 years of our national history who have left their mark in Uruguay.

We are a non-profit organization and throughout its history, reinvested proceeds into the improvement of our facilities in order to preserve its history, site, and its future.

Of European style, the Cemetery is designed as a park, with “an entrance to Paradise” leading to a charming Chapel with stained glass windows, an ideal place to sit and pray or reflect. The garden is full of beautiful old trees and spectacular roses, many of which have been donated by the Garden Clubs of Uruguay.

The Cemetery hosts several cultural and artistic events throughout the year as well as sporadic soft music pieces which invite reflection and provide a pleasant atmosphere during visits.

There is a vast display of funerary art, clepsydras, obelisks, Celtic crosses, uroboros, angels and flowers, summarizing variety of different styles, tastes and philosophical and religious preferences, leaving messages to be discovered.

Cementerio Británico Montevideo

Our Origins

The British Cemetery was founded in 1828, during the very origins of our independent country. It is one of the oldest cemeteries in the country, with over 190 years of history to be proud of.

Originally located on the grounds of the current Montevideo City Hall, it was known as the English Cemetery for being on the site of the Battle of Cardal, where several English soldiers had been buried.

Since its beginnings it was known as the Dissident or Protestant Cemetery as it was the only cemetery which admitted all faiths and nationalities. The other cemeteries were in the hands of the Catholic Church who reserved their placements for their own congregation.

In 1885 the British Cemetery inaugurates its current location in Buceo, after the expropriation of the original land by the government. All the graves, tombs, tombstones, and funerary monuments were moved to the new location.

The Cemetery was an essential support in the early days of other British non-profit institutions, which are highly respected in our country today.

Important personalities of our past, political, social, cultural, sporting figures, scientists, and artists, have chosen the British Cemetery for its dignity, safety and accessible location.

Cementerio Británico Montevideo


Honorary Cemetery Board:

President: Robin Copper MBE
Vice-President: Kenneth Prevett
Secretary: Jacqueline MacClew
Treasurer: Madeleine Pool
Member: Bertha Jackson
Member: Ronald Beare

Cementerio Británico Montevideo

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