Gral. Rivera 3868
        Phone: 598-2622 3071 / Fax: 598-2622 1879



Family plots (graves)

    Family plots of 4 layers.
    Dimensions: 2.20m.(length) by 1.10m.(wide) and 2 m.(deep). Our plots have a capacity of 4 layers and this space is administered by the user, in accordance with their wishes and needs, by effecting reductions or not.


    The Cemetery has a system of maintenance which oversees the good appearance of the graves.


    The enhancing of (plots) the graves can be effected via web page thanks to an agreement made with Aída Flores where you can purchase the floral arrangements with very a special discount and can be placed at the grave site without having to go personally.
    Special discount of 10% on all prices on items to be sent to our Cemetery. Click here: